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Southeast Michigan Media Lab
Bringing the audience inside the newsroom
The Southeast Michigan Media Lab, located at 215 W. Michigan Ave. at SPARK-East in Ypsilanti, is free and open to the public by appointment. We provide free training in social media and new media. Whether you’re a business owner or nonprofit looking to learn more about social media or how to write a news release, or a student, journalist or individual interested in reporting community news using digital media tools, such as video, audio, live chats, embedding data visualizations or documents, or creating timelines, locator maps or photo slideshows, we can offer one-on-one or group instruction. Our free workshops, which have included instruction on producing video, Google Drive, blogging, social media, marketing, photo editing, column and news writing, and editing audio, are taught by professors at Eastern Michigan University, and local public relations, marketing and media professionals. Senior citizens interested in connecting with their families and friends on Facebook and anyone curious about how they can share their voice with the community is encouraged to stop by.